The Trauma Monkeys are red blooded, meat eating, barrel chested, whiskey shooting, gun toting, America loving, freedom fighting, US Military Veterans that want to share their medical knowledge and skills with the world. It is our desire to continue to serve and to teach basic lifesaving techniques, in a fun and interesting way. 

We are a small group of veterans that have gotten together to educate, train, and equip people for situations where things go bad. We want to enable people to make smart decisions medically for themselves, their family, and their community in the prehospital or potentially violent / dangerous environment.  It is not our intent to become a "medical journal" per-say, but rather a source of information, discussions, and commentary regarding current events in tactical and emergency medicine, the latest gear, and emerging techniques for saving lives in the field. We have an online store on the site. It is not our goal to run a store, but it is our hope that through the sale of the very best in medical equipment, at a reasonable price, we can fund all of the other services and resources that you find here.  Thank you for your support.