Beware Knock off Tourniquets

    Fake Tourniquets are not a new issue, they have been around for the past few years or so. Most of these imitation Tourniquets are cheap Chinese knock-offs created for the Air-Softers and military reenactors. 

  These fake Tourniquets have now found their way in the EMS, Military and contracting world and they could end up costing a life. The Combat Application Tourniquet or CAT seems to be the most popularly copied tourniquet but there are knock-offs as well.

     Here is a link to a detailed article comparing the Generation III CAT to the E-CAT. The number one way to spot the difference is the purchase price, imitation tourniquets can be found online for as low as $8.50, legitimate Tourniquets retail for about $30. Once again if it seems too good to be true it probably is folks. if you want to scrimp and save on the type of shit-paper you buy that's your option but purchasing First-Line life saving gear better than 75% off is just asking for trouble.